Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Portfolio and Themes!

I was a bit concerned at the outset. I wondered if my technique of "colour sculpting" would be able to capture the images I had in my head. It does! I wondered if I would be able to develop several themes, to give myself room to build a body of work and provide art buyers a view of my potential. I was! It helps to be living in Lunenburg on Nova Scotia's very picturesque South Shore; such an inspiring and awesomely beautiful place.

Here's an example "theme" page from my catalog. Contact me if you're interested in seeing my work close up.

So, with eight themes underway and a good selection of pieces created I go into the fall in an enviable position; I can present an array of work to galleries and the galleries can direct me as they learn what their clients appreciate most, and of course... what they appreciate least.

The advantage of working directly in the computer is that each illustration I do is available in a range of sizes and the 32 X 44 print is as crisp as the 11 X 16. Further, unique color combinations can be developed for some of the illustrations. This means that not only can interested buyers choose the exact size they want, they can request a "commissioned" colour combination and end up with a totally unique piece. My prints are not images that were photographed, scanned into the printer, re-sized, and then printed. They are printed directly from my digital creation; each one is considered an original.