Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Agates are survivors, believed by some to attract good fortune and balance the wearer's emotional, intellectual, and spiritual energies.

The ones I find on my walks along the sea shore began as free-form bubbles of trapped gases, in Nova Scotia's molten, rift-zone lava flows; millions of years ago. The gases escaped from the bubbles as the flow cooled leaving hollow cavities in the bedrock. Over a few million years the empty cavities filled with fluids, became supersaturated with quartz molecules (silica) and other minerals, and finally crystallized into agates. Looking closely at each stone one can marvel, not only at the shape the hollow cavity once had but also the formative action of those millions of years, revealed in swirling colors, impromptu streaks, and lace-like threads that flow with the shape of the stone. 
Glacial action and erosion disintegrated the surrounding rock and the fully formed agates were set free.

I love the challenge of hand crafting the sterling silver findings which elevate these semi-precious stones to jewelry while my choice of 550 Survival Paracord or nylon lace lanyards keeps the pieces grounded…to be worn while paddling and later over a pint at the pub or on the terrace.