Sunday, January 12, 2014


Flame/Wave/Leaf: Fire/Water/Earth

To coincide with my Paddle'Sculpt 2018 expedition I have decided to expand upon the female portrait bust, currently in clay form, in my studio by creating a three element series for fire, water and earth. I will keep the identical female portrait for all three and vary the design of the hair and floating necklace for each. The patina colours chosen for each of the three elements will distinguish the concepts further.

The flame necklace, the wave necklace and the leaf necklace will be in harmony with each sculpture and I will set in some of the Canadian agate, chalcedony, and amber gem stones I have found on my many beach walks and kayak excursions. These stones embody fire, water, and earth.

I will concentrate on completing Wave over the next few months, since I want her to be the visual representation for the Sculpture part of the my Paddle'Sculpt 2018 adventure. The limited edition series will be capped at forty-five(45) or fifteen(15) for each of the three elements

Wave: wave hair/wave inspired necklace with blue and banded Chalcedony gem stones.
I will use the current wave hair for Ocean and create a new wave form/blue and banded chalcedony agate necklace. 

Flame: flame hair/flame inspired necklace set with reddish hued Carnelian and banded agate.
I will create new flame inspired hair and set Carnelian agates into the current flame necklace instead of the cobras.

Leaf: leaf hair/root inspired necklace set with Canadian Amber
The Canadian Amber I have gathered over the years will find a welcome home here.