Saturday, May 17, 2014

2nd Novel Promotion

After "wearing" a few different titles over the last year I dug deep into the story for my final choice: Willing Waves of Wheat.

For the front cover layout I chose to go with a similar layout to the one used for my first novel; the layout created by my son Micheal for Coincidenza. And I decided to create the cover art in my own digital art style building on symbolism from within the novel.

Rather than self publishing Willing Waves of Wheat immediately, I  decided to "open" chaptersvia this blog in late July. I was excited about using this ultra flexible format since it would allow me to compliment the novel with full color illustrations, photos, and live links.  

My hope was that this rather unique promotion might generate some feedback even create some demand for the book, so, it might get published someday. Well, after five weeks of adding chapters, the response has been very disappointing. I know, everyone is so busy and stressed these days...who has time to read a book. Therefore, I have decided to "close" the Willing Waves of Wheat bog to the general public for the time being.

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