Saturday, January 3, 2015

...focus on sculpture!

Sculpting will be my focus this year. Firstly, I will need to finish up current projects through January, February, and March. The possibility of a sculpture commission has come up. So, I might stay in Lunenburg until the end of May.

Several sculpting ideas are already swirling around in my head, with one particular concept looking quite promising. It will be a challenge not to break out the chisels before I get settled in BC. But, what's that sculpture before it's time!

I haven't worked in stone for such a very long while. I can't wait. Besides sculpting in marble I will be sculpting a few relatively large pieces of raw Chalcedony gemstone, one of them 12" x  8" x  6", which I found here in Nova Scotia. Chalcedony becomes a mystically beautiful, translucent blue when polished. And I'm eager for the feel of clay between my fingers again. Who knows...I might even combine chalcedony and bronze in some of my new creations.