Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bronze Commission

I planned to make 2015 a year to focus on sculpture, so, I'm doubly pleased to
announce that I have just been commissioned to create a life-size bronze to
honor one of the directors of a major Canadian University. The bronze is to be installed on campus, where it will be unveiled at a ceremony in October of this year.

Life-size bust armature ready for the clay to be applied.
I'm very excited about the project, the subject of the bronze, and the excellent people I'll be working with. I will start working on the clay model the week of March 16th and will stay in Lunenburg until it's completed (the end of May). This will allow me to take advantage of the excellent studio I have here. It's a quiet space with a large picture window for natural light.

I will follow up with photos and information once they are cleared for publication.