Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time line: On the Move!

I expect to be continuously on the move over the next three weeks, as I relocate from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on the east coast... to Vancouver on the west coast.

First Leg:
Move-away sale!
 After a successful garage... moving-away sale, I packed up the rest of my belongings, shoe horned it all into my tiny Hyundai Accent hatch-back, and drove one-shot to Quebec, to deliver my latest sculpture to my foundry located at Inverness, Quebec. I arrived in Quebec on Friday, June 5th and left the sculpture in Inverness before continuing on to Montreal, where a dear friend has graciously allowed me to stay while I'm in Quebec.

No more blank stare!
I returned to the foundry on June 8th/9th and made a last pass on the clay model, cutting into the clay to create "seeing"eyes and thereby eliminating that blank stare. I will remain in Montreal for at least a week while the foundry completes the silicone mold and produces the wax positive. I will go back down to Inverness on June 18th to do some final corrections to the eyebrows and eyes in the "wax". The wax allows me to "cut/refine" with more precision than the clay. I can also smooth out unwanted bumps and hollows a lot easier in the wax.

Second Leg:
I expect to set out for the second leg of my trip, Montreal to Toronto, to visit Todd, Audrey, Bradley and William, once the wax corrections are done. That will most probably be the 19th of June.

Summary to date:
Left Lunenburg:  Evening Thursday June 4th
Arrived in Inverness: Mid-day Friday June 5th
Arrived Montreal: Evening Friday June 5th
Inverness clay-model work: Monday and Tuesday June 8th and 9th.
Inverness Wax corrections: Thursday June18th.
Depart for Toronto: Morning Friday June 19th.
Depart for Vancouver: June 20th
Arrived safe and sound in Vancouver, a day a head of schedule, on June 23rd.