Sunday, October 25, 2015

Unveiling in Halifax

The unveiling of the posthumous bust I did of Robert Hayes took place late October at Saint Mary's University in Halifax.

I preferred not to attend the unveiling since I believe the attention should be reserved for the person being honored that day. I'm sure that I was well represented by Paul and Dave who told me it got rave reviews.

I have included a shot of the unveiling which was done by Robert's two daughters, a shot of the two happy committee members, Dave Murphy and Paul Puma, who were responsible for choosing me as the sculptor to do the work, as well as a new close-up, which was taken by the University's photographer and shows more of the work's fine detail.

It was nice to see Paul Puma and Dave Murphy there standing proudly next to the bust. They made this tribute to their "coach" a reality. They came up with the idea for the bronze and did the hard work of getting the required donations.

While holding to my style, overcoming the challenge of working from old photos, and trying to portray the man as he was, I always had in mind, in those quiet days in my studio, to create a piece the family, the university, and Dave and Paul could be proud of. The smiles in the photos seem to convey that.