Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New Digital Works!!

I have completed some West-Coast inspired pieces. They're in the posts below.

In addition, I have added a couple of older concepts I've finally come to grips with. Add to that at least two more, yet to be conceived, works over the next few months and my digital portfolio, listed in the column to the right, should expand to around thirty pieces as we go through the fall.

I have done a number of modifications to my previous works, given some new learning and my continuing effort to balance my style and colours, so, it might be a fun idea to click at random on  some of the works and see if you can spot the changes. Hint: There's a small notation at the bottom...rs18, which stands for "reviewed September 2018".

I'm continuing the work on my new eKaymaran of course, but with the first prototype now competed I have a window of opportunity to get these works published.

All my digital work is Facemount finished and ready to hang with an integrated mounting structure on the back. A museum shadow box is easily added if a more traditional framed look is desired. Sizes and prices will be included as I complete the full write-ups.