Saturday, July 28, 2018

New Digital Works!!

I have now lived on the pacific coast for three years and I have several new West-Coast inspired pieces near completion; I usually keep several pieces active at a time.

In addition, I usually have a couple of older concepts...that have been on the back burner...with which I'm finally happy. Add to that at least two more yet to be conceived works and I expect to post ten to twelve new digital works over the next three months, August, September, and October. This will expand my digital portfolio, listed in the column to the right, to thirty pieces.

I'm continuing the work on my new eKaymaran of course, but with the first prototype now competed I have a window of opportunity to get these works published before I start preparing in earnest for my 2019, EuroMed eKaymaran expedition. I will attach an icon sized portrait here, with a link to the full write up, as each new piece is posted.

All my digital work is Facemount finished and ready to hang with an integrated mounting structure on the back. Sizes and prices will be included in the write ups.