Monday, August 20, 2018


I'm quite sure you know who these guys are!  NWT Muskox!

I wanted to portray them as good buddies, brothers-in-arms, that don't mind hanging together after a hard day on the tundra. It's the wolves that have to worry about are all those the horns and hooves; although the strong odour the Muskox emit during rut season may be enough to keep the wolves at bay...that's why they're called Muskox. I rather like the Inuktitut name "umingmak" or "bearded one", which is much nicer than stinky ox.

Facemount: Acrylic and Slickrock Metallic Paper with integrated hanging mechanism.

16 X 20 Inches....$565
20 X 24 Inches....$785
24 X 36 Inches....$1,285
30 X 40 Inches....$1,585